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How Do I Become a Wholesaler with Volumerate.com?

Become a wholesaler is easy with us, you may to follow below:

Firstly, you may check our items and prices on our wholesale site: http://www.Volumerate.com

We are now bearing like 40,000 products for your choosing. So if the site price is OK with you, then you may simply go on place the order on site.

Secondly, if the site price is not that acceptable with you, you may simply take a picture for the shopping cart page, and send the picture to us with your reason why the price is not good, then we will look into that and try to finalize the deal with you.

Thirdly, we also know that the item you are looking for might not on our site, then you may simply send the product information/link to us with your buying quantity, and then we will send our sourcing team to find it.

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