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How Volumerate Handle Shipping? Tips for How to Make My Order Quick Processing.

Volumerate will process orders at regular moment, normally 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm GMT time every business days. So orders before this time can catch the processing time. If you are late than this time, your order will be have to wait another 24 hours.

Say if you place the order before 3:00pm GMT time, this order will definitely processing, but if you place the order at 4:01 pm GMT time, this order will have to wait another 24 hours for processing, so if you are late, just hold the order and try to add more items, anyway you will be late for the processing. But if you want us to process the order quciker, just place that earlier than each processing time.

Another tip is place the order as more accurate as possible. Sometimes, we will receive very urgent emails wants us hold, cancel or change the order, which will definitely influence the processing time. So we favor that the order came with no problem, so we will try all means to ship that out asap.

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