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Tips for Getting Wholesale Quotations ASAP

Time is money, the sooner you get the quotation, the sooner you will decide, the sooner the end customers will get the items.

In order to get a wholesale quotation asap, you might need to know what's the essential info we need:

A. SKU and Quantity.

SKU is a unique index number for each product. You can find SKU# in product page.

Quantity is the quantity you want to buy for this item. If items were descripted as packs, sets, you may please let us know how many packs or sets you want.

B. Delivery Places.

For we will use Express shipping for orders, so the shipping charge will be different from weight packages, delivery places. If you are in USA, you may let us know you are in USA, or let us know which state for example, then we will be assure that we get the right shipping charge.
C. Other Requests.

If you have special request, you may list that. But for customize orders, there need to have more quantity. If you want us to print a logo on one item, we cannot print just one piece, it will needs extra charge, or factory will request a big quantity for that.

D. Phone Numbers?

(This is optional, if your quoation is very urgent, you may leave your phone number, so we will call you if necessary.)

E. Your Target Price

Some customers might be very interested to know whether we can beat other people's price, sure, we welcome this, but please let us know your target price, then we will know how hard we need to try to beat the price. Also please be noted that the price will be different based on different conditions. So when you mention target price, please let us know what based on, like payment way is wire transfer or credit card, shipment way is DHL or EMS. Things like this, so we will know what to do next.

F. Deadline

For some orders there might be a deadline, like MUST before some typical time, if your order does this requirement, please let us know, so we will make sure we will catch that time.
All in all, if you submit the neccessary info as more accurate as possible, then we will be able to find the right price for you as soon as possible.

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