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Tips for How We Can Work More Effectively?

Time is MORE THAN money.

So working effectively is especially important. But there are a few things that slow us down.

1. You need submit the order number or your payment email address if you got any problems for your order.

This is helpful for us to locate your order as soon as possible.

Most of the time, some customers write us an email to requesting us to revise the address for them without mention the order number. So we will first try to search his order number by the email address. But if this is not a payment email address, then we will find nothing, so we will simply reply an email to ask his address. Due to the time difference, this simple request will takes at least 24 hours. This is really unenjoyable. So why not let us know your order number at very first sight? Or simply let us know the payment email address?

To be continued....

(We open this tip is not complaining, but with the hope we can provide more effective service)

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