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About Points

What is point?

A point is a valued thing by which you can buy products with less money than the actual amount.

How to get points?

1. $5 coupon  for Signs up.  

2. Come from your text, image or video reviews.     Each approved text /Image / Video Review will get you 2/5/10 points separately.

3. Pay for orders by credit card and paypal. 1 point will be granted for each $10.00 USD spent. (For bank transfer payment , since some handling charge will be deducted from our bank when we received money ,so no points granted. Unless the actual money we received is same as order value,we can give you corresponding points manually)

4. Participate in certain activities ,sweepstakes etc organized by us. Activities by which you could earn extra points will be announced at homepage, newsletters,facebook or forums. Please keep an eye on it.


How to use points?

1. Points are currently issued at one per every $10 spent (including shipping). And 10 points=$1USD, when you use your points.

2. Points can offset a half of order amount at most every time. For example, if the order amount is $100, maximum 500 points ($50 USD) you can use for this order.

3. You may use the points to add any items you like to your current order.Just enter the number of points at checkout, and click “Apply” to submit. The points will be deducted from your VR account as your payment is successful.

4. Unless specified, points cannot be used with other promotions , discounts or coupons Points validity We kindly inform you that VR points will have Valid Time from now on. According to our New Points Rule, the VR points generated automatically will be cleared on 0:00 Jan 1st of each year. But before we start to carry out this policy, we will offer you some time to use your existing points. Please pay attention to the follow Special circumstances:

1). The points generated before 0:00 Jan 1st, 2016  will be invalid after 0:00 Jan 1st, 2017.

So we sincerely suggest that you could try to log in your VR account and check your VR points’ quantity and make full use of your points before they become invalid.


Where can I check my points?

You can check your points in "My Account". The operation step is: "My Account" →"My Points"

For further process, please feel free to contact us customer service here

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