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Tips on How to Process a Special Request for My Order?

We always receive requests like "will you please change my shipping address? "
"Will you please make sure we need black color or will you please do sth for my order..."

This is good that we can provide some special services for your order, but just sometimes it will influence the workflow of the order if you make the request after we processed the order.

In order to make the influence as less as possible, here is the way you can do for special request for the order:

1. Please make sure that we can do this kind of special request, Like change address, put into an invoice, some color options, etc, if you are not sure what kind of special request we can handle, please contact us firstly.

2. After the confirmation that we can do the special request, you may simply place the order on site.

3. Please bear in mind, that we will process your order on each working day around 10 AM HK time. So before this time, you may contact us for the special request for the newly created orders. Then we can change or customize before we process the order. For any requests after this time or after our normal processing, it will cause a delay for the order.

4. Then after our confirmation, the order shall process as your request.

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