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How to get a quicker shipment during the busiest time or season time.

For wholesalers, the faster the item's moving the better the business will be. As a supplier to many wholesalers in and abroad, we know this point very well. And we are fighting to move all the shipments faster and faster.

But there are always sometimes that there will be potential delays.

Some big occasions as:

1. Christmas, New Year, Chinese Lunar New Year time. (Factory lead time might severely influenced from Dec. to the next Feb)
During this time, the market demand is very huge. But this is also a season time, so factory normally takes 7 to 14 days off during the holiday. Even though you pushed harder and harder or in daily basis, still no luck to get what you want.

2. Labor Day, normally 3 days, from May 1st to May 3nd each year.

3. Chinese National Holiday, normally 7 days off, called Golden Week, from Oct.1st to 7th.

3. Halloween Time.

4. Some special occasion as 2008 Beijing Olympics, etc.

During all these times, factory might take many days off, the custom is also very strict with the inspections, that's why we always facing a longer lead time or custom delay for the shipments.
What to do:

1. Pre-order. Maybe 15 days to 20 days before the holiday. Or make it as earlier as possible.
2. Keep the order as simple as possible, means easier to prepare and get through the custom.
3. Not ordering those sensitive items. (You know what I am talking about, ^^)
4. If pre-ordered enough stocks, why not just take a break during this time too?
5. Anything you can think of, maybe a local pick up or whatever available?

There is a classic complaint I heard about the Chinese holidays: Every countries has holidays, but the Chinese holidays always makes us suffer the most. Because Chinese guys tends to work no more during this time, even they are thinking to ask for some extra days off to make the holiday longer. So hope you know what to do during the holiday season.

Good Luck.

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